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Welcome to my new website!

As many of you know, I decided to leave the Facebook world, well not really as I still have an Instagram account. At some point, I may leave that as well, yet I do need to have some sort of presence on the internet. I find social networks tough to negotiate most of the time, the quick response to issues, leaves little time for reflection or getting more information. I became more wary of how we were being manipulated, the soapbox and most of all privacy.

It’s a tenuous world out there, not only for us artists, everyone shapes or tries to shape their online personality. As well as the ongoing maintenance and reactions to the news of the day. It’s all a bit maddening really!, I have to say, deep down I do wish for that solar flare to wipe out all computer functions, no wait, nuclear plants would go down too. Ok I take that back!

What I do hope for is a more civil platform for sharing ideas, mine and ones I find fascinating and yes at times political views albeit well researched and vetted. So like Douglas Rushkoff said “ Program or Be Programmed”. Thus this website, I will in my Luddite way, make posts on upcoming exhibitions, something I find interesting, navel-gazing, something wild or weird and of course the flora and fauna in my life.

As I type this, I am a week away from landing in Sydney Australia, this will be my sixth trip since my first research trip in 2015, I have been there every year since, because… I LOVE IT! This year I am in the Biennale of Sydney, my Buffalo Boy and Shaman Exterminator photos, new video “Buffalo Boy Dreams in 4 Directions” and installation “Buffalo Boy Dreamscape” will be featured at the Campbelltown Arts Centre!, as well participating in the Cockatoo Island video program and the Aabaakwad gathering, where Buffalo Boy will wake up from his dream, only to be frightened by what he sees and may go back to bed for another year? Or forever? Or maybe he was just sleepwalking?

It’s been a few frantic weeks getting ready to go, I finished a Bison Robe I was working on for the past year, it is a map of not so often told Blackfoot stories from the Calgary Stampede, it will be photographed and along with the pictographs and stories be placed on a map that will be distributed around Calgary this summer. The Department of Humanities at the U of C engaged me in this project.

Just before that I was in Camrose, Alberta. The fabulous Dr. Erin Southerland brought me in to do a couple talks and curated me in the performance festival taking place throughout the month at the Augustina Campus at the University of Alberta. The title of the performance was, The Shaman Exterminator: Hubris, the Lord of the Plains along with the ever present Shaman Exterminator and video backdrop explored the world of hubris as it applies to our current environmental and political state of affairs. Needless to say the Lord of the Plains got his fair share of cream puffs.

That same weekend I was in Vancouver for The Rage to Live: The Queer Film Legacies of David Wojharowicz and Marlon T. Riggs:

I really enjoyed fellow speakers Lyle Ashton Harris and Robert Reed-Pharr, some great discussions. Thank you to Lorenzo Fusi, Lisa Baldissara and Shelly Rosenblum – Griffin Art Projects and the Belkin Art Gallery.

So welcome to my web presence, thank you to Carrie Gates for getting all together for me, helping me to program even though I still feel programmed! Lol And to my fabulous studio assistants Happy, Myrna and Letisha, thank you!, yo’all keep me going! My next post will be about my new and improved studio.

Love to you all,


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