Trench (2017)

Trench (2017)

A durational performance.


May 23 – Saturday May 27, 2017

In researching the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Stimson was struck by trench warfare—the complexity of trench systems created, life and death within them, their visceral nature and physicality.

For five days straight Stimson will dig his own trench in the shape of Blackfoot war symbols. He will dig from sunrise to sunset using First World War manuals as his guide. Stimson will dig this trench on the Siksika Nation, close to his family home at 50o 50′ 3″ N 113o 4′ 22″ W; 880 elevation.

All are invited to visit, watch, or participate.

This performance is in conjunction with the exhibition War Stories 1917 on display in the Founders’ Gallery at the Military Museums, Calgary until August 27, 2017.


Galleries West: Adrian Stimson Honours Indigenous Warriors by Catherine Carlyle

The warm prairie breeze ripples across the grassy plains and the sun burns bright in a cloudless sky as Stimson, guided by First World War manuals, works in a ritualistic and meditative way to dig his trench in the pattern of the Blackfoot symbol of war. Stimson carves out a rectilinear “U” shape to a depth of six feet, shoring it up with 250 sandbags. He also piles the sod to create a second “U”, a pattern that can be seen on the painted story robe of legendary First World War veteran Mike Mountain Horse, a Blood from southern Alberta. This symbolic configuration, Stimson says, establishes a continuum of the Blackfoot warrior from the past to the present. (View full article here)

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